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Canon X OC meme Tala and Linda by I-Am-Bleu Canon X OC meme Tala and Linda by I-Am-Bleu
Oh god just kill me now. This took a wild to finist. Specialy I hadn't figher all the question in the beging but I ansorw them. I didn't do a second grammer cheak on it so Beware of grammer mistakes.
This meme did help me to get a good picter of the bothe of them and some situations they face.

I hope you like it.

Extra info whit the questions:

How did they first meet
Daichi show linda what beyblading is about becase linda lost here beyblade spirit. So Daichi change some beybladers to show off. Inc. Tala.

What is a typical and normal day
Daichi is not yellos or somthing like now. Over time Linda and Daichi creat some kind of brother and sither bond. So he want to protect here. Becase Tyson Sayed "Love is a battle field" Daichi takes this a bit to serios...

cutes thing they had don fore each other
Fore Tala its forgiveniss. He kind of appoligise fore begin a bit hard on Linda. But Linda is not the kind of person who gets mad. And that is a reaction He didn't expect at all.
Fore Linda is first toug of tala's hair. She ask promision first... becase she a bit afraid of tala's temper but Tala just let here. no wonder she than creat a stange habbit ouf of it.

The wors thing
Fore Tala is the fake dead. Afther a competion battle agains the "bad guys" Linda won here match but had to pay a high price. Skadi (here bitbeast) Put here in a kind of wintersleep to save here.
But fore everyboddy els she appears dead. Tala saying his goodby to here afher a wild. He didn't want to exept it. But when tala say his words of goodbye and space out a bit looking to the ground afther that. Linda does wake up and touche his hair and tala freaks out XD
Fore Linda is there second meeting: She wanted to chear tala up afther a lost battel but he totaly got it the wrong way. Out of frustration Tala gives Linda a hard time. The first time she see tala really angry and a bit scary.

There werdest moment
This is basicly there third meeting. Here tala basicly wanted to appoligize to here but he doesn't know the right way to aproge. Well Kai help him a hand....

There worst fight and the make up
Daichi basicly got hurt by the "bad guys" The team diside that Linda shoud take Daichi place in the competion battel becase Daichi is in no condition to fight. Linda was there when that happend. The suddely were atacht by thos guys, She runed off the get help, what was daichis wish (they were whit to many). She feels totaly gilty about what happend to him and isnt sure if she should fight at all. Tala isn't the best guy to point out to chear here up but he does talk some sens in to here. And she is greatfull fore that and exept the fact she has to fight.

Dangerous situation
Look at "the wors thing" This is basicly some of the words of goodbye he says.

If you have more questions let me know XD
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Wamp-crasH Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, this is just too adorable aoihfiuahsf

This gives such good look at their relationship and I really like it! LOL Daichi is hilarious as always ("I forbid you to multiply!" Perfection XD)

And, huhuhuhuh... The tight pants joke... THEY ARE GLORIOUS. Well, Tala have to blame that on himself, wearing tight pants all the time.
I-Am-Bleu Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
Yes it did helped (just like the other meme) how they are around eachother. 
Daichi is really a cutty =3 

hahha the past will hunt him XD 
UmaYorokobi Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cuties thing to see to complete the day:iconyayzplz:
I-Am-Bleu Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
Ohhh thank you I am a dummy! 
Priss-BloodEmpress Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
"I forbid you to multiply!" <-- LMAO that killed me! :rofl: I'm actually really curious to know what kind of offspring Yuriy and Linda could have :XD: I mean we have Linda who is really cute and kind, and then we have Yuriy who is cold and grumpy, it's an interesting combo :XD: 

"Are you going to kill me too?" <-- Linda why so adorable? :heart::heart: 

I loved the meme! it was very fun to read :D I liked the brother-sister relationship Linda and Daichi have :meow: And that part when Yuriy tought Linda was death and then she suddenly touched his hair TROLOLOL :rofl: 

I really liked to learn more about Yuriy and Linda's relationship, they're a fun couple! :w00t: 

Now I wanna do this meme with Bryan and Chieko ;w; but is to long *cries*
I-Am-Bleu Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
hahha Well I didn't think that fare, but the way Tala was raised and a bad early life expirement does make him cold so I don't belive he was always that way. So I don't think the offspring would be that way. 
That is only 1 thing and it probely woun't have a outgoing personality. The kid would probely be more a quited type. 

Linda does say that becase she is scared, thoug comming out of here makes it adorable XD 

I glad you like the relationship of Linda and Daichi. I post later a skets dum about the fake dead soon =3

I hope I find more ways to show you there love XD 

I must agree on that the meme is really long .___.; and I was chainging the ansorws over time too so yeah its a hard one to do. 
Priss-BloodEmpress Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I know :meow: no character is cold "just because" anyway :XD: A cold character always needs a reason that explain their behaviour (in the case of Yuriy is a very traumatic past) :)
Either way, I think a child from Linda and Yuriy would be something so adorable to see :heart::heart: C: 

Already saw the fake death sketches and I loved them so much! :XD: 

I hope you do too! *v* I'm loving so much your LindaxYuriy material :heart: 

And yeah D: Sadly all the good memes are to long (must of them at least) TnT 
I-Am-Bleu Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013
hahha Just inmagen if the kid had the same/simlair hair as tala. Linda would not stop touching it or the kid would would have the same behavior and thougsing tala's hair all the time XD Would be adorable fore sure. 
I am really now curios about the ofspring of Bryan and  Chieko now o.o 

Ahh thanks fore loving it :heart: I always happy to see your comments on it. 

Priss-BloodEmpress Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
LOOOL it would be so funny if their kid end up liking to touch Yuriy's hair like Linda does :XD: and adorable as well of course :giggle: 

Bryan and Chieko's offspring? To be honest, some weeks ago I was curious to know how their child may look, so I ended up designing their possible child x///D But I'm still not sure if show her or not  >///< But with parents like them, she probably would be a dangerous kid lol :XD:

I-Am-Bleu Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Becase of you I sketching Linda and Tala love child now XD
And OH My He is handsome as a teener. La la la la
 Oh I would like to see Here! o.o You made me really cuirus now. 
Priss-BloodEmpress Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Really?? *__* I wanna see him!! *v* :la::la: 

Well, let me see if I can color one of the drawings I made of her and I'll show her to you :meow:

I-Am-Bleu Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
I wll drop you a note later. I not gone post it here on DA XD 
theCursedDragon Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
hahahahahahahahahahhaahh XDDD i love daitchi here XD 
good one! 
that really made me laugh hard ! 

Tala looked down at her o_o ya have been a very very bad boy D:<
i love this though =w= <3 
I-Am-Bleu Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
Glad it made you laugh =D 
Tala was a good boy the first time XD 
IrisLullaby Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Daichi: i forbit you to multiply"
that killed me!!!!

Kai is a good cupid.... to good to be true ._. but yeah XD he will thank him later XD

And omg, Tala you pervert!!!!! he looooooooooooooked!!!!! XD

I laigh so hard! i loved this
I-Am-Bleu Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
Kai only did that fore pure bissnes. Tala was lack of consetration in battle. So he did it fore the teams sake. XD

I am glad you like it =D 
IrisLullaby Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
o.o interesting tactic..... i hope it worked XD
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