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Disney Challenge

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 27, 2013, 12:04 PM

I am going to do this disney challenge…

 1. Your favorite character
 2. Your favorite official princess
 3. your favorite official prince
 4. Your favorite heroine
 5. Your favorite hero
 6. Your favorite cast of characters
 7. Your favorite friendship
 8. Your favorite sidekick
 9. Your favorite couple
10. Your favorite animal couple
11. The Pet(s) you wish you had
12. Your favorite villain
13. Your favorite villain song
14. The most chilling villain demise
15. A moment that makes you laugh until it hurts
16. A moment that makes you cry your eyes out
17. A moment that scares you
18. A moment that makes you mad
19. A moment that makes you happy
20. Your favorite musical number
21. Your favorite romantic moment
22. Your favorite ending
23. A line that inspires you
24. The first movie you remember seeing
25. A movie you think is underappreciated
26. Your favorite movie of the golden age
27. Your favorite movie of the dark age
28. Your favorite movie of the renaissance age
29. Your favorite movie of the millennium age
30. Your favorite movie  

Afther like 2 months drawing only beyblade I wanted to do some other drawings. Thoug I won't be abbel to post everyday.
Or do it in the right order. I already fill in the list fore my self and I made sure that all the drawings will be difrend.

You can fallow it here and on my tumblr.

I hope you injoy my drawings.

Ferngirl Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, sounds fun!
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